Welcome to Cumber Farms

We produce and sell beef, lamb and pork from our farms at Marcham and Bradfield. Our animals are reared to the highest welfare standards that we believe are essential for quality meat production.

Please use the links above to learn more about how and why we pay particular attention to the breeding and rearing of our animals, and to the environment in which they live and the effect that we as farmers have upon it.

News - May 2017

We have taken the decision to close the farm shop after 12 years and we thank all our customers for their support.

We will continue to sell our eggs from the farm and local produce when it is available. We will also stock Marcham Village Shop for a short while.

Come and buy some free range eggs from our British Black Tails!
£1.20 per half dozen



A selection of our produce is sold in Marcham Village Shop in North Street

Views from the farm

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